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The Prickly Five - Cow Print Serape - Butt Naked Scent

The Prickly Five - Cow Print Serape - Butt Naked Scent

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Each Velvet Car Freshener comes with a 3ml fragrance spray, packaged up in a see-through pouch that has a hole up top for hanging. Each pouch will be labeled with the fragrance of your choosing.

Butt Naked: Sweet coconut milk, fresh ripened bananas and juicy pineapple swirled together to create an exotic tropical concoction.

Birds of Paradise: Strong floral with overtones of strawberry.

Leather & Lace: Manly scent of leather with a hint of vanilla.

Leather: Like walking into a boot and saddle shop.

Cowboy Romance: A blend of Leather with a mix of masculine cologne.

Baja Cactus: A refreshing breezy scent from the area surrounding Cabo.

Naked Cowboy: Hints of Leather and bittersweet and herbs.